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Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence Coaching



Looking for Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence Coaching? How much you appreciate yourself and your sense of self-worth is shaped by your beliefs and thoughts about who you are and what you are capable of.  These thoughts and beliefs have been shaped by your experiences since birth.  These experiences might have been within your home, in school, or by religious institutions. Experiences in your community, with your friends, and conditioning by your parents also played their part. The media also influenced your sense of self-worth. Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence Coaching will affirm your sense of self-worth.

Some of the beliefs you have developed about yourself might be negative. They might be limiting.  Perhaps you doubt your capabilities. Such beliefs might not be serving you any longer. They may be holding you back. They prevent you from moving forward in your life. Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence Coaching will empower with positive beliefs about yourself. You will be able to have the life you choose to have.

Your low self-esteem might be the reason you feel that you are not good enough. This may be due to feedback from others.

Perhaps some of the following experiences contribute to your Low Self-Esteem and Low Self-Confidence directly or indirectly:

  • rejection in an intimate relationship
  • rejection by your parents
  • abandonment
  • criticism
  • judgement
  • your poor perception of your physical appearance
  • job loss
  • bullying

How Low Self-Esteem and Low Self-Confidence affects your life

Low Self-Esteem and Low Self-Confidence have an effect on how emotionally secure you feel. It affects how you relate to others at home, work, socially and in other spheres of your life. It also affects how you behave. Low Self-Esteem and Low Self-Confidence can prevent you from doing the things you want to do. One of these limitations might be difficulty in responding to the opposite sex. Or forming intimate relationships. Another might be reluctance to socialise and make friends. As a result you might feel a lack of social belonging, and loneliness.  Low Self-Esteem and Low Self-Confidence Coaching will empower you to confidently interact with others.

If you do not believe in yourself and your capabilities, you might be shying away from work opportunities.  Maybe you  see yourself as not good enough or not deserving.  Maybe you believe you are not ready. You project this to the world. The world then sees you as you see yourself. So your negative and limiting beliefs hold you back.  Low Self-Esteem and Low Self-Confidence Coaching will empower you to progress in life. You can pursue opportunities at work. You can apply for that dream job. You can have the life you choose to have.

Your Low Self-Esteem and Low Self-Confidence might be linked to a Low Self-Image. Your own thoughts, emotions and behaviours are easily influenced  by others’ negative opinions, feedback and responses towards you.  You might become deeply affected in a negative way. This is probably because you do not possess the inner positive beliefs about your self-worth. You probably often feel inadequate, incompetent and unloved. Perhaps you are fearful that there is something wrong with you. Low Self-Esteem and Low Self-Confidence Coaching will help you get in touch with the perfect You again.

How I can help you

You Are Awesome! Love Yourself!


Are you letting opportunities slip by because you do not believe in yourself? Low Self-Esteem and Low Self-Confidence Coaching will help you to identify and delete those outdated, negative emotions and limiting beliefs about yourself. Those beliefs that you have been carrying around with you all these years. We will ‘blast” away these doubts about yourself that are not serving you, and install new, empowering beliefs, attitudes and behaviours that serve you better.

Low Self-Esteem and Low Self-Confidence Coaching will teach you how to adopt an attitude of Self-Love. You will love yourself enough to allow yourself to do the things you enjoy. You will learn to take care of yourself better. I will guide you in developing an empowering personal affirmation. This will help you to allow yourself to create even more of what you desire. These might include self- acceptance,  unconditional Self-Love, self-fulfilment, self-respect, self-confidence, and inner freedom.


Low Self-Esteem and Low Self-Confidence Coaching will guide you in shaking your internal world. You will create new positive and empowering thoughts, beliefs and behaviours about yourself. These will become your reality. Together we will reprogram your Self-Image to be what you choose it to be.  You will have an empowering Self-Image that better serves you.

Boosting Self-Confidence

Low Self-Esteem and Low Self-Confidence Coaching will help you to boost your confidence by guiding you to step out of your comfort zone.  You will project to the world your new, empowering Self-Image. And the world will see the person you want it to see.

Your Result

At the end of the Low Self-Esteem and Low Self-Confidence Coaching you will be able to allow yourself to:

  • be awesome
  • be unstoppable
  • believe in yourself
  • imagine your life to be phenomenal and fulfilling, and
  • go out and get it

Low Self-Esteem and Low Self-Confidence Coaching will free you to be the best version of yourself.

“Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your handbrake on”.
Maxwell Mattz

“I went to Denise because I needed to take control of my life. My coaching sessions were exactly what I needed. I now feel free, I feel positive and I am ready to take charge. I was walking around with these negative emotions in my sub-conscious mind. I was able to let go of fear and anxiety, they were also holding me back.

The coaching helped me with my self – confidence and self-esteem. Denise helped me to develop unconditional self-love that I was looking for in other people. With Denise’s coaching I now believe in myself and I know I am destined for greatness. I now have reviewed my values and priorities. I am now taking control of my life, the coaching came at a perfect time.

I feel optimistic about the future and I’m going after what I want. I love this investment I chose for myself.”

Phumzile Qwabe

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