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Your Student / School Learner Coaching Durban, Join Transform4Happines Student / School Learner Coaching Programme In Durban

Transform4Happiness Is Proud To Offer Their Student / School Learner Coaching Durban Programme.  If You Need Student / School Learner Coaching Durban You Are In The Right Place.

My Student / School Learner Coaching Services

Are you looking for Student or School Learner Coaching? My Student / School Learner Coaching programme  focuses on overall empowerment. Together we will work on the mind, values, emotions, beliefs and habits. Hence my Student / School Learner Coaching programme uses a holistic approach. 

Individual Student Coaching

Student Coaching DurbanThe Mind

The first part of the programme addresses the mind. We will look at the role the conscious and subconscious minds play in learning. And in achieving. In the Student Coaching programme I teach tools to use the mind in ways that result in attracting the desired outcomes. 

Negative Emotions and Limiting Beliefs

Then we will explore if there any obstacles or challenges affecting achievement.  These might include negative emotions or limiting beliefs. Examples of negative emotions are doubt, sadness, fear, hurt, anger and feelings of abandonment. There are many more. Examples of limiting beliefs include the belief that “I am not good enough”. Or “I am not capable”.  During the Student Coaching programme we will get rid of any negative emotions and limiting beliefs.  

Strategies for Success and Happiness

Another part of my Student Coaching programme teaches strategies and tools for a successful and happy mindset.  


Participation in my Student Coaching programme replaces procrastination with motivation.

Goal Achievement

Goal Achievement is also a key component of my Student Coaching programme. I teach a powerful goal-setting and goal-achieving system. The goal could be related to studies, sport, recreation or other desires. The results are amazing when implemented with commitment.  

My Student Coaching programme helps to identify, set and achieve SMART goals which are:

  • Specific and Simple
  • Measurable and Meaningful to you
  • Achievable and in harmony with All Areas of your life
  • Realistic with you being Responsible for them
  • Time-bound and focused Toward what you want

Stress and Anxiety

Most students experience stress and anxiety at some point or another. Some experience it before or closer to tests and examinations. Others battle with stress and anxiety most of the time. My Student Coaching programme teaches strategies and tools to help students cope with stress and anxiety.


Here’s what Eshan Vandayar, final year university student, had to say about his experience of my Student Coaching programme

“The coaching got me to reflect on myself and to consider how I can do better. It took a bit of patience in the beginning, and afterwards I saw the value of it. The highlight of the coaching was developing my affirmation. I felt that this was the most effective moment of my coaching. Learning about how the brain works and how one can change the subconscious mind was also interesting. After the coaching, I have a much clearer vision of what I want to achieve in my life and what I need to do to achieve it. The affirmation process helped me to increase my motivation and discipline, which are key elements in achieving my goals, particularly with my academic studies”

Individual School Learner Empowerment Programme

The programme teaches learners how they can enjoy happy and successful outcomes in the social, emotional, recreational and academic facets of their lives. Learners are taught how to maintain positive mind-sets and language. They are empowered with practical and personalised tools to integrate into their everyday lives. In this way they develop affirming and empowering habits. I help learners to get rid of any negative emotions such as sadness or feeling depressed. I also help learners to get rid of negative beliefs about themselves. They are guided to replace the negative beliefs with positive and empowering beliefs. Learners are also taught tools for coping with stress and anxiety. My methodology is participatory and includes fun, art, drama, visualisation and writing.

Results for the learner include:

  • Successful and happy mind-set
  • Positive emotions
  • Empowering beliefs about themselves
  • Positive self-image
  • Increased self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Increased motivation
  • Improved communication
  • Effective goal-setting and goal-achievement
  • Calmness and focus
  • Strategies to deal with and overcome bullying
  • Empowerment for transition to secondary school
  • Empowerment for transition out of secondary school

Feedback from a Grade 7 Learner, 13 years

“I loved the coaching and I feel more empowered and successful. The coaching helped me a lot to become a better person and realize my full potential. I feel happy and like I have let go on a lot. I learned about how the subconscious mind works and that our vibrations attract what comes to us and so we always need to have positive thoughts”.

Feedback from Mum of 13 year old Learner

“Hi Denise. Thank you so much, it’s incredible how much she has benefited. She is just filled with positivity and good energies. She told me that she feels like she is so confident and she knows exactly what she wants to achieve in life, and that she is not even going to be influenced by anyone. She said “Mum, I feel like a different person, I can feel it inside of me”. I never expected such a phenomenal result. Thank you so much!”

Group Student Coaching

I also offer group Student Coaching workshops.  Possible environments where group Student Coaching workshops can be implemented

  • academic institutions
  • companies – interns, graduate programmes

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