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“I engaged Denise Anthony to assist me with major decisions I needed to make during a challenging transition from 17 years working at the global level to making the transition to now focus more on Africa and South Africa. We started working together in my last four months as the Head of Greenpeace globally. With several options of where I could use my energies for addressing the issues I am committed to (climate change, poverty, human rights and corruption), I needed to address the alignment between my values and the practical choices that flow from that. I found the goal setting approach particularly useful. Whilst I have much more work to do personally, I feel that the coaching has given me a firm basis and confidence for the choices I have to make going forward in my life”.
Kumi Naidoo
“Denise’s Personal Transformation life coaching programme has been a refreshing approach to achieving life goals and self improvement. It does not just focus on a retrospective approach to life, but more of an introspective and prospective approach.

The techniques and therapies assisted me in reprogramming my attitudes and behavior at a subconscious level. The proof showed itself in people in my life commenting on my new energy towards life, and my new found skills in being more aware of those around me and my interactions with them.

Denise’s programme was an engaging and empowering process, which focused on positivity and self belief.”


James Law
“I started coaching with Denise because I experienced a great deal of anger. My anger was damaging the relationships around me. Initially I did not want to go but I am more than grateful that I attended every session. Not only did Denise help to get rid of my anger but she changed my life completely. She made me accept myself for who I am,  and to be more empathetic with those around me. I am more confident than I have ever been. I am proud to say I am happy with who I am and it is all thanks to Denise. I don’t think I have ever seen my life or future in such a positive light.

Anyone who knows me can see and say that I am at my happiest due to this journey. In this journey I have been empowered and inspired to see myself as a person, and life, in a positive manner.  Denise has helped me resolve inner conflict that I did not know I had. After every session I could physically and mentally feel the change. This journey has allowed me to build up better relationships with the people around me including my family and friends. After this journey I feel more confident and comfortable with who I am as a person and I know my worth.

Denise has taught me that happiness starts with you and ends with you. I am grateful that our paths crossed and I wouldn’t change this for the world. For anyone who needs help with their anger or just to feel better about themselves I recommend you go see Denise. Personally I feel as if a heavy weight has been lifted from my life and I feel lighter every day that I wake up. This journey has been truly helpful to my physical, mental and emotional well being.”

Comment from Kelly’s mum:

“Signing Kelly up for the program was the best decision that we made.  We saw positive changes from the initial sessions.  My only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner. ”


Kelly-Anne Lue
“I went to Denise because I needed to take control of my life. My coaching sessions were exactly what I needed. I now feel free, I feel positive and I am ready to take charge. I was walking around with these negative emotions in my sub-conscious mind. I was able to let go of fear and anxiety, they were also holding me back.

The coaching helped me with my self – confidence and self-esteem. Denise helped me to develop unconditional self-love that I was looking for in other people. With Denise’s coaching I now believe in myself and I know I am destined for greatness. I now have reviewed my values and priorities. I am now taking control of my life, the coaching came at a perfect time.

I feel optimistic about the future and I’m going after what I want. I love this investment I chose for myself.”

Phumzile Qwabe
Meeting my Life Coach- Denise Anthony was definitely God ordained in my life.

Denise is an exceptional, inspirational, beautiful person and she is highly experienced to help you deal with any problems you may be experiencing in your life right now.

My journey with Denise has been the most empowering, happiest and inspirational journey of my life. I was dealing with many unresolved issues from my childhood that I could not let go off, which eventually brought on my awful anger and guilt issues at this stage in my life. It was starting to ruin certain relationships in my journey through life and I felt I could not change.

In life sometimes we often carry these terrible feelings like chains around our hearts with us and mask it with a smile but there comes a time where you can’t deny that you need help. That was me! I needed help!

Denise helped me transform my mindset completely and heal unresolved issues from my past. She is well experienced at how she does it and trust me eventually you will feel the change, wondering how is this possible. After about 3 months, I feel so much lighter, not only on the outside but on the inside as well. I now react constructively and I don’t let my emotions dictate my outcome. My soul is happy and I am more confident in my approach to life.

My past does not define me and the scales have been removed from my eyes.

Life is limitless and you are not what you do. Mistakes don’t define a person. Change is the only road.

Experiences make you who you are today.

Thank you Denise – you are not only my life coach now but a friend for life ! You were definitely God sent.”

Feedback and observations of Shashni’s aunt who lives with her:

“This programme with you has been long time coming. The change has been gradual …. it is now clear to see that the layers have been peeled off ….. and it is very refreshing to see a confident ….. independent ….. and a “who cares what anyone thinks” person coming through. Very proud of Sash and the courage it took for her to make the decision to seek you out and work with you. Thank you!!!

Shireen Michael

Shashni Naidoo
“Depression first hit me 25 years ago as a result of critical events in my life.  All I wanted to do was sleep.  I dreaded going to work as I could hardly hold a pen.  As a result I stayed away regularly.  I looked around at people laughing and happy.  And I prayed to be able to at least smile. I had no energy to attend to my children. I could barely get up and dress myself. I was actively suicidal. I had no will to live.

I consulted with a psychologist, who was very kind and patient with me, providing me with the opportunity to talk my heart out. I was referred to a psychiatrist who prescribed medication which helped for a while. I was not happy with staying on medication for a prolonged period, so I requested to discontinue.

I developed some coping skills to distract my focus from my feelings of depression. By the Grace of God I was able to progress in my career, nurture my family,  engage in social activities and do everything that is expected of a person.  I learnt to “manage” my life and my feelings. However, the deep, deep sadness and unhappiness at my core was always there, hanging over me even when life was seemingly “good”.

It took me a while to commit to transformation coaching. I asked myself, “What if it works???”. The rest is history. Working with Denise has been phenomenal! Her coaching style and approach is so gentle yet so impactful.   I had never dreamed I could feel so free and empowered.

From the outset Denise taught me how to change my thought patterns and responses for better outcomes.  I experienced better outcomes in my family and work life after only a few sessions. Once we started working on my emotions, I was blown away by the immediate impact. It was unbelievable how my feelings of sadness, despair, hopelessness, disappointment, hurt, anger and suppressed pain that I had been carrying lifted one by one and dissipated. As Denise gently took me through the process of Negative Emotional Therapy(TM), my feelings of depression disappeared. Denise helped me release limiting beliefs about myself that I had bought into all these years. In her supportive, non-judgemental and empowering manner, Denise helped me rediscover my self-esteem and embrace my own worthiness and self-love.

It has been 8 months since I completed the Depression Therapy Programme with Denise, and I can truly say that I feel as free as a bird, I am soaring like the eagle that I am!  Thank you Denise for showing me my way to inner happiness, life has never felt so beautiful!

If you are battling with feelings of depression, I want to tell you that you do not need to live with it, it is possible to LET GO FOR GOOD! “

Lynn P
“Thanks to Denise, I have realized that “life is not a series of mere coincidences but that one actually creates ones own reality”. Thus I have truly come to learn the power of the subconscious mind 👌🏼😳😍. I pursued a career in banking for about 15 years and had completed a BA degree whilst working at the bank. I then left this career to become an educator for a further 17 years after completing a teachers diploma. I hung onto these qualifications as if they would magically give me happiness and escape a mundane existence. Alas! How wrong was I! I still felt as if something major was missing from my life and made the common mistake of searching for happiness outside instead of going inward. I was certainly not happy with life and although outwardly I appeared confident, content and complete, inwardly I was struggling and carried  so much of self-doubt, anger, resentment, guilt, low self-worth, etc due to a few incidents that occurred in my past. When I heard about the Transform 4 Happiness life coaching course, I immediately felt a need to get into this program to help address and overcome my weaknesses and challenges in life.

Denise was someone I trusted enough to take me through this process of overcoming my weaknesses and challenges. She is indeed a very patient, understanding, integrous and skilled coach. She’s focused on goals and is results driven. She has imparted a host of lessons and skills through the use of various techniques to resolve many of my issues. Some of these were buried deeply for many years and had to be rooted out from the subconscious mind. They were affecting my life on many levels. Denise, through the inner conflict therapy and negative emotional therapy, helped me resolve and release all these negative emotions that were holding me back from experiencing joy and success in life.

This amazing life coach has definitely contributed to a new and improved “ME”. Others around me are noticing the changes such as renewed vigor, mindfulness, calmness and most importantly, the loss of fear when it comes to driving a vehicle! I was able to overcome my bad habits by feeding positive affirmations and healing beliefs into my subconscious mind, a powerful technique employed by Denise. As much as I read many self-help books and watch motivational videos etc, Denise had made more of an impact in 16 hours than all of those put together.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Denise for equipping me to live in abundance of love, peace and blessings.

In conclusion, I would like to add that to transform into a better, happier and more efficient version of oneself, this investment in yourself is more Priceless than any amount of make up, clothes, jewellery, etc. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Yogis Moodley
“I live in New Zealand and I began this journey during a very difficult time in my life. Denise is based in Durban, South Africa and we would have regular Skype and VOIP call sessions to do my life coaching.

This journey to self awareness and enlightenment has helped me grow tremendously in self-assurance and confidence, and these changes could be observed as little as a few weeks after I began. I have and would recommend this coaching to everybody, not just if you’re going through a difficult chapter in your life. Your life can be better. You can deal with difficulties in a better way. You can be more enlightened. Denise helped me identify negative emotions and beliefs in my inner consciousness that I wasn’t consciously aware of, and changing my outlook on situations was the key to changing the outcome of my day to day interactions and goals.

From the very beginning of the course we identified concrete goals to keep my mind focused on, goals that helped my confidence,  self -esteem, courage and positive self-image. We worked through deeply embedded memories that impacted who I was and changed how I viewed them in order to evolve into who I am today. I am now more capable at taking on challenges head on.

Denise has helped me improve my work life, my social life, as well as dealing with extremely difficult situations. People at work have since come up to me to compliment me on how I have dealt with work situations and have mentioned that I have become much more assertive and competent.

I am grateful for this course and extremely appreciative to Denise for the changes in my life. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. If you are on the fence about whether to take this journey or not, don’t hesitate. It will immediately change your life.”

Ushal Naidoo
“If you’re serious about radical personal change, I would definitely recommend attending the course offered by Denise Anthony. As a Transformation Life Coach she’s warm, friendly and someone you can easily connect with.

Together with her guidance I managed to identify and release many negative emotions and limiting beliefs that were preventing me from reaching my full potential. Denise is always willing to go the extra mile with her work and has helped shape me into the person I’ve always wanted to be, with the intense therapies and techniques that she applies as well as the useful exercises and information that she teaches.

So if you’re ready to level up and start smashing those goals, Transform4happiness Coaching is the place to go to!”

Kimosha Ganas
“This experience has been one that I cannot put into words. ‘Letting Go’ was a big challenge for me. Past experiences in my life glued themselves into my mind and my heart and affected the way I reacted to situations in my life. I saw my life, on a daily basis, with this heavy dark cloud hovering over me and holding me back.

Walking into this transformation coaching, I didn’t think it would make an impact on my life. Despite my initial neutral feelings towards the idea of this course, I decided to dedicate my all into this transformation. After many intense hours, I began noticing small changes in my life. I could feel myself transforming faster as I opened myself up to the change. My thinking had changed, my view on life had changed and my life itself seemed lighter and brighter. I was able to let go of all the emotions I had held onto for many many years. I could feel myself relieved from this heavy dark cloud.

Working with Denise definitely made a big impact on me and my transformation. She is very patient and encouraging. Her radiant energy encouraged me to work harder at my transformation. This was an amazing journey that has really transformed my life.”

Feedback from Larushka’s Mum

“Having set herself free from the negative emotions has definitely cleared the path for the positive … her way is starting to miraculously open in all aspects of her life… it is by far the best investment I have made”.

Larushka Govender
“I went to Denise looking for help with my low self-confidence and low self-esteem, and to get some structure in my life.

Her coaching has really improved my life. I am no longer a shy, scared person who is too afraid to drive a car or to do anything on my own in case people judge me. Denise taught me how to change my negative habits into empowering habits. She also taught me how to focus on the positive by developing my new personal Driver Focus Filter. I now trust myself and my abilities.

Denise has helped me to get over some negative emotional feelings and beliefs from the past that were affecting my present and future.

I have overcome my anxiety and am proud to say that I have started driving. I have also recently found a job that fits in well with my academic schedule. I am able to interact with confidence at work.

I could not have done it without Denise coaching me to be confident. Her coaching has helped me gain confidence and a high self-esteem. I can say she has taught me to just be HAPPY. I am excited for new challenges and I am no longer scared or anxious, but excited. Denise has truly helped me.”

Feedback from Nikita’s Mum:

“Nikita has been happy since the coaching. She is working and driving now, and is more willing to do things she did not do previously.”

Nikita Pillay
“My Transformational Coaching journey with Denise has been an overwhelming life experience.

I envisioned “Change” at the outset of my program, however through my journey with Denise I finally understood that I was undergoing a “Transformational” experience. Upon completion of my program, I am now equipped to know that there is a significant difference between “Change” and “Transformation”. “Transformation” alters emotions, thoughts and beliefs and is permanent whilst “Change” only modifies behaviours.

Denise has imparted a range of lessons and skills that have allowed me to modify and strengthen my everyday value and belief system.

I knew for certain that the program was successful when I finally realised that I no longer want to do what I used to do, behave how I used to behave and have what I used to have. One of the highlights of the program was when I experienced Inner Conflict Therapy. Inner Conflict Therapy helped me become consciously aware of the way my sub-conscious mind was programmed to protect me. During the therapy process, I was able to consciously reprogram my sub-conscious mind to replace negative thoughts and behaviours which transformed my Inner Conflict into positive ones. 

Denise’s vast amount of experience and expertise in Transformational Life Coaching has impacted my life beyond expectations and so I look forward to pursuing more transformational sessions with her. I am certain that my journey ahead with Denise will be just as satisfying as with my last program.

Ramona Chinappan
“The coaching got me to reflect on myself and to consider how I can do better. It took a bit of patience in the      beginning, and afterwards I saw the value of it. The highlight of the coaching was developing my affirmation. I felt that this was the most effective moment of my coaching. Learning about how the brain works and how one can change the subconscious mind was also useful. After the coaching, I have a much clearer vision of what I want to achieve in my life and what I need to do to achieve it. The affirmation process helped me to overcome my procrastination. I was able to increase my motivation and discipline, which are key elements in achieving my goals, particularly with my academic studies”.
Eshan Vandayar
“Denise helped me so much, teaching me how to change my habits and to be more positive! Her coaching is very  motivating. I managed to stop eating chocolates as part of my weight loss programme and I don’t even feel for it when I see chocolates. .. can you imagine! This way I am improving my health! We worked on emotional issues as well, and I have been able to “let go” of emotions that were holding me back. I have also reviewed my values. With my positive changes, I can assist my daughters as well on trying to change to positive habits. Denise is definitely an effective Life Coach!!!. Thank you so much! “
Celina Antonio
“AWESOME! The birth of my journey to self- discovery! My renaissance!

My sessions with Denise forced me to face my dilemmas and challenges. My journey into my past experiences that evoked certain emotions enabled me to analyse my reactions and beliefs in the past, reflect in the present and empower myself for the present and future. These sessions forced me to deal with beliefs that stifled my growth and stripped me of self- control. At first, I was mostly judgemental of myself however, through my transformational coaching journey I realised that I did my best at that time.
It was a challenge at first for me to explain my feelings and needs. Denise, in her gentle, calm, patient way, reassuringly re-directed my thoughts back to ME. This gave me the strength to believe in myself. I really felt that I was getting in touch with ME and what I wanted in life.

The development of my first Driver Focus Filter and my first goal paved the path for the development of more. My daily recitation of both has maintained my focus on my inner healing and the deliberate transformation of beliefs that kept me incarcerated. Today, I know that my positivity will give me more happiness in the future and right now: “IT FEELS GOOD TO BE IN CONTROL OF MY LIFE!”

The coaching created the mirror where I could celebrate and acknowledge ME, love ME and accept ME. It inspired me to want to be more and want more out of life. I would unreservedly recommend Denise Anthony as a personal Master Transformation Life Coach.


Educator and Mum
“I was a Fraud Analyst at a bank working in Johannesburg for a living. Like many people, although I had a good stable job and was on course to create a successful career in a field that I stumbled upon, I questioned whether it was what I should be doing with my life. After spending 4 years in Johannesburg, I resigned from my job and returned to Durban where I was born and had spent most of my life. The move just felt right. It was risky resigning and returning to the unknown without a job but I felt I had to take the leap of faith and follow my heart.

I was happy with the move and excited about the prospect of pursuing a career more aligned with my passions. It was not all smooth sailing and after relocating to Durban in search of a job, I remained unemployed for a lengthy period of time. I was at a point where I was unsure of what to do and how to get there. Although I still felt happier and felt that I had made the right move, the situation became more stressful to handle the longer I remained unemployed. It was at this point that I had the privilege of hearing about and registering for the Transform 4 Happiness Life Coaching Course presented by Denise Anthony.
From my experience Denise is a warm, caring soul who is truly compassionate. She is passionate about her job and connects in a very loving way. I resonated with her energy immediately.

The course equipped me with necessary skills, not only to cope with the stresses of my situation, but it also equipped me with the empowering life skills that I will be able to use for the rest of my life. Her techniques are simple and effective and deal with transformation from an inner, deeper level. Being an avid reader of motivational and self-help books, I already had some knowledge but it was actually doing the course and experiencing the techniques and putting them into action that made the biggest difference in my life. The course provided me with the necessary tools to act out my plan to create my dream. Denise is an excellent coach and person who has a lot of value to add. She listens very well and is very intuitive about what may or may not be helpful about a situation. She does not push her ideas onto you. You are free to use her techniques and tools to create the life that you are searching for. You also do not have to reveal private details of your life to her if you do not wish to, as it is not like a counselling session. You are trained in skills and techniques that are designed to transform you towards living your best life.

Other than equipping you with effective goal-setting and visualisation techniques, the course also helps you deal with ridding yourself of negative habits and tendencies by dealing with it on a subconscious level through a technique called negative emotional therapy, which I found very beneficial.

I’m happy to say that I found employment in a job more suited to me and my talents and interests and I am happier than ever. Interestingly, I secured the job 3 days after my final session with Denise. Upon reviewing my goals and intentions set at the beginning of the course, it was amazing to read it over and realize that I had landed a job almost exactly, if not better suited, to the one outlined in my goals set with her.

I highly recommend Denise Anthony and her transformation life coaching course to anyone interested in beginning a journey towards your best life and towards learning how to steer your own ship.”

Navish Panday
“I loved the coaching and I feel more empowered and successful. The coaching helped me a lot to become a better person and realize my full potential. I feel happy and like I have let go on a lot. I learned about how the subconscious mind works and that our vibrations attract what comes to us and so we always need to have positive thoughts”. Grade 7 Learner, 13 years old

“Hi Denise. Thank you so much, it’s incredible how much she has benefited. She is just filled with positivity and good energies. She told me that she feels like she is so confident and she knows exactly what she wants to achieve in life, and that she is not even going to be influenced by anyone. She said “Mum, I feel like a different person, I can feel it inside of me”. I never expected such a phenomenal result. Thank you so much! Feedback from Mum of 13 year old Learner

Grade 7 Learner, 13 years old
“My name is Kaelene Pillay and I am a 26 year old self-employed South African female. I started the Transformation Life Coaching program with Denise in March 2018.
The program has helped me immensely with building my self-confidence and in so doing improving the way in which I interact with my clients and people that I meet. Transformation Coaching has helped me develop a much more positive outlook and has resulted in a more cheerful me.

It has provided me with the will to never give up and keep trying in all that I attempt, and to go the extra mile in my business, and in my relationships with parents, family and friends.

Adopting Positive Emotions and empowering Beliefs has helped me with personal stuff and to use these techniques in my everyday life with my business, family and friends.

The highlight of the Coaching has been developing my affirmation. The Transformation Life Coaching is really enjoyable and has motivated me to be successful in all that I do.” Kaelene Pillay

“The Transformation Life Coaching has proved an enormous benefit to Kaelene. The sessions have significantly improved her self confidence and her ability to engage with people. Her outlook is much more positive and cheerful and she now successfully runs her own small business. Kaelene has learned new skills and strategies that have assisted her in navigating through difficult conversations with customers while still staying true to her business principles. We now have a more confident young adult thanks to Denise.”
Feedback from Kaelene’s parents

Kaelene Pillay (Entrepreneur)
“In the journey of life, one has these dreams and aspirations of how life will unfold. How perfect it all seems until you are bombarded with decisions, negativity and shattered dreams. When bitternesss and anger set in because of things gone wrong. It was at the eruption of my anger that I was introduced to Denise. I’ve been recommended a psychologist and counsellor, but it wasn’t what I wanted. Never had I even considered seeing a life coach.

After all these years and a few sessions with Denise my blinkers were removed. I learned to not blame the world, but to rather introspect. To not challenge the things that occurred but to rather accept it and channel my energy to being positive and setting life goals, to rethink my responses and to understand that people are different and the ones we love only respond in a way that they know how to in a way that they are trying to do their best.

These lessons have reset my brain, allowing me to have the ability to manage my anger and avoid outrage, to be calmer, to have the peace and happiness that I can only exuberate, therefore my positive vibrations attract what I need to stay positive in an ever challenging world. My life has been changed and I am motivated daily. I wish that I knew these life nuggets earlier, maybe then I would have retained lost relationships, yet I am grateful to have transformed my life and not carried on in the same cycle.”

Marcia Govender
“I am so grateful for going on this coaching journey with Denise. At the start I felt so conflicted and overwhelmed with life and all the decisions I needed to make. While I have not yet resolved any of those issues they no longer feel like such a burden to me. I now feel more positive and optimistic about the future and getting what I want. I also feel I am now better prepared to deal with the challenges that I will be faced with in the future. Denise is so easy to talk to and makes you feel so comfortable. I completely see the merit and logic in the different therapies that are used and how they are beneficial to you. I believe that doing this has been a great investment in myself and my future.”
Sudasha Naidoo

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